Golf Equipment

Technology has advanced so quickly that the clubs you are using could be holding you back as modern golf clubs have much enlarged “sweet spots” thus making ball striking much more consistent leading to an improved game, distance & score.

I have numerous makes available, Ping, Taylor Made, Mizuno, Titleist, Ben Sayers, MD Golf, Masters, Ram etc. (Left Hand & Ladies where available)

These clubs can also be “custom fit” to suit your height, swing speed & ball flight.

Children’s clubs all ages, woods, irons or sets including bag.

Club Repairs

Grips, one of the most important aspects of your golf club is often over looked, Worn, Shiny or Wrongly Sized are the most
frequently seen.  Broken shafts, Graphite or Steel or replacement shafts all available, Lengthening/Shortening of your current set can be an option depending on make & model.

Custom Fitting

Yet again technology has advanced that we no longer need to buy a set of clubs off the shelf, we are able to order clubs to suit your need’s i.e. length of club, lie of club, grip size, shaft flex & style of shaft.

Any of the above need’s please contact me or see me at the range.

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We can offer golf gift vouchers as birthday presents or if you want to reward an employee that wants to learn of improve their golf.

Golf in the family:

I am the third generation of a family of golf professionals. I now have two sons who shall be the 4th generation of golf professionals in my family. For more information, visit golf family history or visit the golf gallery for newspaper cuttings.


For prices and location information on Essex golf lessons contact page or call 07941 133 252