Top 10 Golf Tips

Below are some of my Top 10 golfing tips, to help you improve your golf play.

  • Correct set up is essential as this will affect everything thereafter.
  • Self confidence/belief in yourself (whether you have played or not).
  • Practice makes perfect’ is not always true if you are practicing bad habits, therefore learn the correct technique & understand the reasons why.
  • We are all individuals therefore there is no such thing as a perfect swing as we are all different shapes, heights, ages etc.
  • The grip is paramount to successful golf as believe it or not it is the only contact with the club therefore enabling other aspects of the swing to be easier.
  • Modern day equipment is easier to use as both irons & woods have larger ‘sweet spots’ however if you are using older equipment new grips are essential for greater control.
  • Don’t listen to your friends as often the way they put over a comment/advice could be misleading.
  • Do not read instructional books or watch programmes / videos as they tell you what to do and not explain what to do & you could interprete what is said incorrectly.
  • When taking lessons to learn or enhance your game be realistic in your progress, relate it to starting a new job, you will not learn it over night.
  • It is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played, it is also one of the most rewarding, pleasurable & social game you will ever play therefore persevere at it.

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